Public Health Fields

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Body Systems, Health Perspectives approaches the inner workings of the body and complex public health issues through public health fields and body systems. The public health fields serve as lenses to illuminate unique aspects of the body, health, and approaches to public health problems.



Biostatistics uses quantitative methods to approach problems in biology, medicine and public health. Biostatistics includes study design and data collection, computation, statistical analysis, and interpretation of findings.

Chronic Disease Epidemiology

Chronic Disease Epidemiology investigates the determinants of chronic diseases and how to intervene most effectively to reduce morbidity and mortality due to chronic diseases. Fields of study include cancer, cardiovascular disease, perinatal and reproductive epidemiology, psychosocial epidemiology, HIV/AIDS, aging and genetic epidemiology.

Environmental health sciences

Environmental Health Sciences focuses on the connections between environment and health. Research fields include environmental epidemiology, molecular toxicology, exposure science, risk assessment, biomarkers, epigenetics, and gene-environment interactions.

Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases

Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases investigates infectious diseases, including the distribution, transmission, pathogenesis, and control of pathogens.

Global Health

Global Health emphasizes integrative problem-solving approaches to global health issues, and to diseases and conditions that afflict developing and developed countries.

Health care policy & management

The fields of Health Care Policy & Management focus on public health and health services policy development and evaluation, often in relation to effective management and implementation.

Social and behavioral sciences

Social and Behavioral Sciences aims to understand and improve health equity and social justice, both domestically and globally. It focuses on the psychosocial, behavioral, community, and societal influences on health, and on creating interventions that eliminate barriers to health.



All field descriptions are adapted from the Yale School of Public Health website.